Doing your own wedding flowers can save you money. But it can also be a big hassle and trouble you don’t need!

  • How do you get good quality flowers, in the color and variety you want?
  • How do you make a boutonniere that won’t fall apart?
  • How do you keep the pieces fresh and looking great?
  • What kind of supplies will you need, and where do you get them?

For a fraction of what you might spend at another florist, you can get my expert help to do your own flowers! The goal of our DIY package is to help you make at least one of each of your items, and make sure you understand how to store and care for your flowers so that they are beautiful on your wedding day. Most DIY clients are able to make all or nearly all of their items during the work session.

Here’s what the DIY package includes:

*Two-hour consultation to select flowers, colors, arrangement styles, etc.

*All flowers, greenery, and other fresh items

*A list of supplies you need to purchase from craft store/online

*Use of any specialized tools or supplies

*Two hours at our studio for hands-on guidance for making your bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, etc.

DIY Package Price = $150 + wholesale cost of florals + 10% of wholesale cost of florals + sales tax 8.225%

The DIY package does NOT include displayware – like vases, columns, easels, pew hangers. These items may be rented from Found in Nature at an additional cost, or you may purchase or rent them elsewhere. It also does not include non-floral additions like crystals. We will assist you with using these items, but do not purchase them.