Whenever I go into a business, of course I notice their florals. Perhaps I notice more so than most, and definitely with a more critical eye. I see:

*Dusty, outdated silk arrangments

*Dead or dying plants


This does not present a welcoming image to your clients. The worst are the sad, single stems of whatever silk flower was on sale at the craft store, stuck in a cheap vase. What message does this send? If you take care with the environment you constuct for your clients, you let them know that you will take the same care with them.

I worked for many years in the corporate world. I handled global projects with multimillion-dollar budgets and demanding clients. I understand how to show your business is professional and capable. You need:

*On-time delivery in excellent condition

*Well-attired delivery staff with professional conduct

*Beautiful presentation of fresh and silk florals

*Proper care of plants and silk arrangements

*Extremely competitive pricing

*Direct contact with me for all questions and concerns

By working with me to develop custom arrangements for your business, you are ensured of receiving stylish designs that match your needs and expectations. If your client walks into your competitors’ offices, they will not see the same flowers there, because yours are unique.

Contact me today to get started.

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In Europe and Asia, flowers are an integral part of everyday life. Quality flowers are available in every market and the cultures value their presence. Here in the United States, we tend to think of flowers only on special occasions, in sympathy or for apology.

Many Americans say they would like to have more flowers in their lives, but they think either fresh flowers are too expensive for every day use, or they don’t know how to buy, arrange and take care of them.

We can help! Found in Nature can provide fresh flower arrangements for your everyday enjoyment, on a one-time, weekly, or monthly basis.

Custom everyday arrangements can be ordered by calling 816-377-3723 or via email. Custom orders can usually be filled within 24 hours and may be available same-day.

Subscriptions are available for weekly or monthly flowers, with prices starting at $35 per delivery. These are custom flower, flower and plant, or plant arrangements delivered to your home on a regular basis. Subscription deliveries can also be used to send gifts locally, or their value can be applied as a discount on larger orders. To order a subscription, call 816-377-3723 or email us.